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NANOFOL concept for nano drug delivery in activated macrophages promoting inflammatory disorders treatment

Nano drug delivery systems and design of stable nanobiodevices
Nano drug delivery systems are promising tools to specifically deliver drug molecules to the inflammatory site

Antibody based approaches to ensure high specificity
With the aim of increasing therapeutic success without side effects, selective activated macrophage recognizing antibodies will be designed and used.

Selectively targeting activated macrophages in inflammatory diseases through Folate Receptors
Recent studies have shown that the ╬▓ isoform of the Folate Receptor is highly expressed by activated macrophages and thus has become an interesting marker for inflammation diagnosis and therapy.

Therapeutic agent for high treatment efficacy
The ultimate goal of this project is to deliver specifically drugs (pharmacological compounds) or siRNA (small interfering RNA) to activated macrophages, inhibiting signalling pathways that are elicited in the continuous inflammatory process.